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MLB Prospect Nazier Mule Is On The Brink Of Something Special

Miami commit Nazier Mule enters the MLB draft as one of the more intriguing prospects in baseball, and his future is bright.

There’s a calm about Nazier Mule that belies someone who will still be 17 if indeed an MLB franchise calls him name at the upcoming draft.

He plays with a power that shouldn’t be afforded someone so young. He speaks with the assurance of someone far wiser than his birthday would let on.

The kid standing 6’3” and weighing north of 200 pounds is far less a kid with each passing day and far more a prospect whose promise is evident the moment the ball leaves his hand.

Touching 100 on the gun will turn heads.

Mule is a modern athlete, commanding respect on the field as well as an audience off of it. He has over 34K followers on Instagram, where you can see the daily exploits of a budding baseball star.

We catch up with him during his latest media rounds at the 2022 MLB Draft Combine. Just moments after holding court with MLB Network, Mule explains what it’s like to have people care about the trajectory of your career.

“I like to use my platform in order to influence others,” he tells En Fuego. “From the beginning, it was a way to gain exposure for myself. But now that I've already done that, it's just my way of influencing others to show if you have a dream, follow it.

“You know, anything is possible as long as you have the right hard work and dedication from the beginning. I feel like you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Being at the combine is an opportunity, regardless of how many reps you take or how many meetings you attend. It’s not lost on Mule who was eager to soak up the camaraderie and the wisdom.

“It's really just honestly been a great experience, a once in a lifetime experience,” he said of the combine held in San Diego. “Hanging around the top other 299 guys in the draft this year. It's just a really good learning experience also to see how these guys carry themselves, how the older guys and more developed guys just carry themselves and play the game.”

It’s so easy to forget that this young man was still a senior in high school as we spoke. Entering the draft, he will be an incoming freshman at the University of Miami.

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Those are all misnomers for someone who seems so seasoned. But making media appearances and double plays seem effortless takes a lot of work.

Mule knows about putting in the hours. He understands what sacrifice can get you at this stage. In one of our previous conversations, he touched on that very subject. He would rather skip a party than blow his shot.

“I'd rather work now and do something I enjoy for the next 30 years and live a great career. Then, you know, go out and have fun now and potentially do something to risk that opportunity that I have in the future.”

Mule didn’t take any hacks or run any bases the day we spoke at the combine. The work he had previously put in on the field spoke for itself.

When you are built like him, throw like him, and hit like him, you get the luxury of playing the wait-and-see game.

“I got Miami to look forward to; I've got the draft,” he continued, which takes place this coming weekend on Sunday, July 17. 

“So the way I'm looking at it, it's a win-win situation. You know, I found a home in Miami for the next four years. So, you know, if I'm fortunate enough to be drafted, that's a decision I'm going to have to make when the time comes.”

The time isn’t coming, it’s here. Whether it’s in Miami or on an MiLB farm, Nazier Mule has arrived at the next chapter of what is increasingly likely to be a special career.