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MLB Power Rankings: New York Rises As West Coast Stumbles

En Fuego Power: The early cream is rising to the top in MLB, and one city dominates the latest power rankings.

We're three weeks into the MLB season. Let's do some power rankings after a fun weekend of baseball. Whether it's Monday morning quarterbacking or MLB power rankings, we love prognosticating in the early season. Let's see the top five teams. 

5. The San Francisco Giants

The Giants split a two-game set with the A's, then dropped two of three against the last-place Nationals while allowing 28 runs to the lowly Washington team. Frankly, I'm surprised the Giants had such a rough time with the Nationals. The Giants have had some kind of devil magic since last season that I figured made them immune to losing to bad teams. Even in the game they won, Logan Webb gave up 11 hits to the Nationals. I don't expect them to be this low every week, but this week wasn't kind to them. 

4. The Toronto Blue Jays

I love when teams beat the Astros. The Jays beat the Astros twice this weekend. George Springer looks like he's an MVP candidate again (even without the trash can) and Bo Bichette may have awakened from his early-season slump. The Jays take on the New York Yankees in a 3-game series starting Monday, so if they win that series they can climb the ladder of these rankings by next Monday. 

3. The Los Angeles Dodgers

I'm a Dodgers fan and a lot of other websites may have them listed at the top. I don't know that the Dodgers losing two out of three to the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks can qualify a team for the top spot this week. After losing two to the Diamondbacks, they scraped together a series win against the Detroit Tigers. The Dodgers on-the-field play wasn't nearly as big as two other things that happened in the same week. Clayton Kershaw became the Dodgers all-time leader in strikeouts, passing Don Sutton, but unfortunately, the magic of that moment eroded a little because the Dodgers lost that game. The other thing that happened was Trevor Bauer received a two-year suspension from MLB. Predictably, he's appealing. The Dodgers are still 14-7. 

2. The New York Mets

Every year we ask, "are the Mets actually good?" Every year they manage to "Mets" it up. In 2022, they actually may be good. On Friday, they used five pitchers to throw their second no-hitter in franchise history. If you want to debate whether a combined no-hitter is as good as one with only one pitcher, go ahead. It was a sign of an impressive pitching staff. They are a well-balanced team early in 2022 and continue to win.

1. The New York Yankees

Start spreading the news. The top two teams this week are the two from NYC. The Yankees are currently riding a nine-game winning streak. The Bronx bombers averaged 8.0 runs per game this week while outscoring their opponents 48-21. The Yankees start their week by taking on the Toronto Blue Jays, a team that's on their own hot streak. 

Last Thoughts

Agree? Disagree? If it's the latter you're wrong and you should be ashamed. I'm just kidding. Give us your thoughts on Twitter at @EnFuegoNow and @ajontheguitar.