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Mina Kimes Dunks on Jeff Garcia, Remains Undefeated

Jeff Garcia's comments towards Mina Kimes are unquestionably misogynistic.

Mina Kimes has been a fixture of NFL analysis since 2014 when she was hired at ESPN. She's a Yale graduate and before sports, she was an investigative journalist for business. Her accolades and television credits are immense, and her NFL analysis is considered top-level.

"Kimes is an active panelist on "Around The Horn" and has appeared on "First Take," "Highly Questionable," "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz," and "High Noon." She hosts an NFL-focused podcast entitled The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny, a reference to her dog. From October 2019 until July 2020, Kimes hosted ESPN Daily, a daily news podcast. On June 30, 2020, Kimes was announced as an NFL analyst for ESPN's relaunch of NFL Live for the 2020 NFL Season."

Jeffy Garcia Gets Misogynistic

Recently, Kimes offered her opinion on 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's performance against the Packers in the divisional round. Jeff Garcia did not like Kimes' opinion. Remember Jeff Garcia? Yeah, we barely remember him too.

“Who the hell is Mina Kimes and when is the last time she threw a touchdown pass in a game? NEVER! EVER! has she taken a snap or can truly understand the ability, the mindset, the physical and mental toughness, that it takes to play the QB position or any position in the NFL. The fact that there are people out there given a platform to talk about something that they have never done is hilarious and that’s how you have to look at her, she’s a joke!”

Sounds like Garcia is a little sensitive. It's a strange reaction from a former player who has stayed mostly out of the spotlight. I have never seen Garcia go after the likes of Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Rich Eisen, Adam Schefter, Michael Wilbon, Tony Kornheiser, Max Kellerman. Are you sensing a theme? It's not particularly subtle. Garcia's words are extremely misogynistic, and Garcia felt empowered to say those things about Kimes because Kimes is a woman. 

If one were to peruse social media, Garcia's comments are not unique to Garcia. The most common insult aimed at Kimes is "she's never played professional football before." 

First of all, that's not a pre-requisite to being a professional analyst. Secondly, it's worth mentioning that those names listed in the previous paragraph (Bayless, Smith, Eisen, Schefter, Wilbon, Kornheiser, Kellerman) have also never played a snap of professional football. It's rare to see any man in the sports analyst industry get that insult levied against them. 

Garcia's Qualifications

It's worth noting a few things about Garcia. Garcia has never been a professional NFL analyst on television like Kimes has. Garcia and Kimes have also been to the same amount of conference championships. Garcia and Kimes also have the same amount of Super Bowl appearances. These are too easy and are distracting from the better point, but Garcia deserves the easy dunking.

Kimes, like the professional she is, responded with mere facts.

“Only I was bold enough to note that the QB who posted the 2nd lowest QBR in a playoff win in 15 years did not have a good game lol."

Kimes' response by reiterating the valid point she made from the start is impeccable. This isn't surprising. Kimes is a professional and good at her job. Garcia's insult coming up short isn't all that surprising, a lot of the things Garcia lobbed came up short of their target.

As for the bigger picture, we have to do better. Sexism and misogyny are still big issues in sports media and outside of it. Guys, we gotta do better.