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Michael Jordan Continues To Be Legendary At Trash Talking

The NBA GOAT is still talking mad trash two decades after he retired from basketball.

The stories of Michael Jordan trash-talking on the court are the stuff of legend. The biggest takeaway from all the stories is this: never trash-talk Michael Jordan. Just ask Reggie Miller or Magic Johnson.

Jordan has been retired for almost two decades. He's still talking trash, just on a golf course these days. The target for his trash talk this time? Recently retired (and college re-attendee) JR Smith.

"You had a good career. It wasn't a great one."

The messed up (but funny) part of this is that nowhere does it mention whether Smith tried to talk trash first or whether he responded. It's pointless, though. Perhaps Smith has learned from his NBA career of making some strange choices that it's best just to let MJ talk himself to death instead of 'firing back.'

Smith's Reputation

I hate picking on Smith, but one of the most baffling on-the-court blunders in NBA history will forever be attached to his name.

It's the NBA Finals—how did he not know the score? How do you allow yourself to be that oblivious in Game 1 of the NBA Finals? I remember being so angry when I saw this play. I did not have a team I was rooting for in these NBA Finals. Just mad on principle.

Jordan's Reputation

Jordan has a reputation for taking things personally. It's an internet meme.

My advice? If you're ever in competition with Michael Jordan, be self-deprecating while keeping "that dog in you." Competitive people like MJ need to be kept at a cool temperature.