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Does Mexico’s National Team Need Chicharito? Despite what FIFA Thinks, the Answer is No

Sorry, but nostalgia doesn't win games.

Javier Hernandez, better known as Chicharito, is probably not going to represent Mexico’s National Team in the Qatar World Cup. And though the 34-year-old LA Galaxy striker has been playing well as of late, the truth is, Mexico’s National Team doesn’t truly need him.

The question of whether Chicharito would play for Mexico again isn’t new, but FIFA itself seems to have reignited the argument, thanks to Twitter. The tweet, from the official World Cup account in Spanish, points out that Hernandez is Mexico’s top scorer in World Cups, and then asks the question of whether he will be adding to his tally in Qatar.

But of course, the answer is: unlikely. Mexico’s coach, Gerardo Martino, has made it clear his team is set, and it does not include Chicharito. On paper, the team doesn’t really need him, with players like Edson Álvarez, Raúl Jiménez and Hirving Lozano now in the spotlight that once belonged to Chicharito. The only reason to add Javier Hernandez to the Mexico squad for Qatar 2022 would be nostalgia, and Martino, a very experienced coach, knows very well that nostalgia doesn’t win games.

Neither does just one player. Martino lost back-to-back Copa America’s with Messi, so it’s unlikely he’s going to let himself be convinced to a move that he seems to believe would make his team weaker, just to satisfy fans.

Chicharito himself reacted to FIFA’s tweet with a shrug emoji, seeming to say that he doesn’t know either – an indication that, if Martino were to change his mind, Chicharito would probably jump at the opportunity. Then again, who wouldn’t? It is the World Cup, after all.

All in all, however, this is one of those things social media can’t change. Martino has been building a Mexico team that doesn’t include Chicharito, and that has finally found some good football without him. There’s no reason to bring him in now, no matter how many times FIFA, his fans, or even Chicharito himself tweet about it.