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Masters, MLB Opening Weekend, and More Sports Headlines and Highlights

Friday Funday: All the best highlights to take you into the weekend, including Tiger Woods updates and all the MLB you need.

Tiger Woods walked Augusta a second straight day, which is amazing.

This is coming from someone who cracks a celebratory beer when his Apple Watch congratulates him for standing up after sitting for a couple of hours, so I know a thing or two about physical feats.

Some 14 months after nearly losing his career completely, the legendary golfer put together two solid days of golf and is +1 for the tournament and will make the cut. Here are a couple of highlights:


Swing Low

Speaking of people still learning to use their body again, Cody Bellinger impersonated a baseball player on Friday.

The once sweet swing has devolved into the least exciting game of three-card Monte. Try as you might, you just can’t guess what kind of swing he’s going to have or whether it’s going to kiss any part of a baseball.

He went 0-for-4 in a Dodgers win over the Rockies, 5-3. There's always an upside though. 


That new XFL branding looks awfully familiar. Let’s check in with how the football league plans on rebranding itself off the top rope.

Megan Rapinoe, co-founder of the Together platform, had this to tweet. 

As anyone who has been around sports social media circles will notice, the X as well as the use of “Together” bear a striking resemblance to, well, Togethxr.

Leaving you on a good note, there was much to be happy about heading into the weekend. Opening Day came and went, which means there is now wall-to-wall baseball.

Logan Webb was stirring, the Dodgers were prolific and Javy Baez was pulling off magical diamond gems.

Here’s a taste:

Lastly, we leave you with proof that being named Bubba isn’t a horrible life sentence.

The golfer was again stuck in the woods, just as he had been ten years prior at Augusta.

He bolted through that small window like someone trying not to break curfew. It was another remarkable shot from a dude who can do the unthinkable with a left-handed club.