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LeBron James Says What We Are All Thinking About Lakers

The Lakers star had some brutal honesty when it came to the Lakers and their roster composition.

Los Angeles is running out of teams to disappoint its citizens.

The Lakers opened the regular season on Tuesday, which is really a day the Dodgers should have been playing as well. But, like, whatever. 

Only, nobody told them for three quarters. In the fourth, with the Warriors seemingly exhausted from being the only entertainment that night, the Lakers finally outscored their opponents 38-32.

It capped off a spirited comeback that ensured the Lakers would lose in concerning portions rather than embarrassing ones, 123-109.

Normally after Game 1 of 82, the realization is that you can’t really tell how an entire season is going to go with just one game.

But the Lakers have always been a special franchise. So, it makes sense that they would push the boundaries of clarity. Even LeBron James diagnosed their anemic play.

“We’re getting great looks, but it could also be teams giving us great looks,” he said, via Ben Golliver. “To be completely honest, we’re not a team constructed of great shooting… It’s not like we’re sitting here with a lot of lasers on our team.”

That there is LeBron James, the team leader. He’s the guy that bench warmers nuzzle up to in order to suckle his wisdom, or however you imbibe wisdom these days.

This is the guy that marches forward toward the cold months with momentum and optimism. Instead, he looked into the back seat and was like, naw, we don’t got it fam. These are not the guys I travel with to the playoffs.

The Lakers shot 25% from beyond the arc on Tuesday. This is surprising because that seems like a lot more than went in if you were watching from home.

The Lakers next take on the Clippers Thursday, which is when they will again get in offensive rebounding practice.