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At Least Brazil and Argentina Got The Memo About a World Cup

Will it be Messi or Neymar?

The World Cup is officially under two months away, and that’s not great news for most teams. The last FIFA date saw most teams struggling – even against teams that shouldn’t have presented much of a problem for them.

The USMNT lost 2-0 against Japan, and didn’t even muster a show on target. Iran beat Uruguay, arguably the strongest team on paper, 1-0. England and Germany tied 3-3, and before that England had lost to Italy, who didn’t even qualify for the World Cup, and Germany to Hungary. Spain barely beat Portugal 1-0, but they lost to Switzerland in the previous game, while Portugal won easily. Not much in the way of consistency there.

But there are two teams looking consistently good – and they’re not even surprising teams. Neymar’s Brazil and Messi’s Argentina, the two teams that faced off in the latest Copa America final, are looking like real contenders for the World Cup. Brazil beat Ghana 3-0, while Argentina prevailed over Honduras by the same score. Most importantly, both national teams are coming off a period of stability, and have big stars that are focused on bringing home the World Cup.

With two months to go, that’s no guarantee – another team could get hot fast, and the World Cup is a very unpredictable tournament, where one match can cost you everything. But most teams would choose to go into it like Argentina and Brazil are doing, and with the teams they possess, than the other way around. It’s one thing to rely on Messi and Neymar to save your team, it’s a different one to have a team that works as a unit, and also have Messi or Neymar.

For most teams, the number of friendlies before the World Cup is very limited. Some don’t even have any left. That means that teams now have to rely on their players doing well in their clubs in preparation for the World Cup. But even great club play is no substitute for a team that works as a well-oiled machine, and the fact that they possess that still puts Brazil and Argentina at the top of the list of favorites. Even better? These two teams cannot face off till a hypothetical World Cup final.

Messi vs. Neymar in the World Cup final, just as in the Copa America Final, might just be the best-case scenario for fans, and with two months to go, it looks more like a possibility than a dream.

The FIFA 2022 World Cup, which will take place in Qatar, is set to begin on November 20th.