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Contrary To Joe Musgrove's Assessment, Justin Turner Is Most Definitely A Threat

Justin Turner makes the Padres pay.

The Los Angeles Dodgers took two out of three from the Padres in San Diego this weekend. The Dodgers now lead the NL West by 20 games. I would not exactly call that a race worth watching or a rivalry for this season. Maybe next year.

On Sunday, the Dodgers beat the Padres by a score of 11-2. Justin Turner went 2-5 with two home runs and 5 RBIs. His first home run was off of Padres starter Joe Musgrove. The Dodgers bench really enjoyed this one, and there is a reason for it that has a story.


After giving up two home runs to Justin Turner in a 3-1 loss at Dodger Stadium on June 30, Musgrove offered up the opinion that he did not consider Turner “a huge threat.”

It was a pretty dopey thing to say back in June. When a guy smokes two home runs off of you in the same game, some respect may be in order. This was a lesson that Musgrove did not learn. Turner decided to teach him some more on Sunday.

Now, the Dodgers were up by 19 games and surely being petty and remembering Musgrove's comments, right? You assume too much. Men keep score (literally) and we can always be petty. That was made very clear if you listen to the Dodgers bench in these clips very closely.

There's a platitude that comes to mind. Something about not writing checks your body cannot cash. It is worth noting that there's a "Kobe Jordan" effect (as I call it) possibly at play here. If a player is struggling, you don't go instigating him. Justin Turner since this game has been a man on fire.

.381 AVG

.445 OBP

.575 SLG

1.020 OPS

Since Musgrove called Turner "not a threat," Turner has been one of the best hitters in Major League Baseball. Musgrove meanwhile, in his last 15 games, is 2-7 with a 4.76 ERA.

Last Words

Well, I guess Justin Turner already got those.