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Julio Urias To Play For Mexico In The World Baseball Classic

The Dodgers lefty ace has accepted his country's call.

The World Baseball Classic in 2023 is already looking to be pretty epic, especially on the American side. Do not let America's "Dream Team" take away from the fact that some other countries have some elite baseball talent. Mexico has never been short of talent, and one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball has accepted his country's call. Julio Urias is going to play for team Mexico.

Urias, also known as "El Culichi" (which is a nickname for someone who is from the city of Culiacan in Sinaloa Mexico) is a proud Mexican player. From the Mexican colors on his glove to his introduction music, he is proud. He calls playing for Team Mexico a "dream come true" and that his family is excited for him.

Mexico is currently ranked the fourth best team in the world in the World Baseball Classic. Current Dodger (on the 60-day IL) Victor Gonzalez has also been a part of Team Mexico, as well as former Dodger Alex Verdugo. Former Dodger Adrian Gonzalez has also been a part of Team Mexico.

The Event

The WBC (World Baseball Classic) will take place in 2023, from March 8-21st. Mexico is currently ranked number four in the world behind Japan, Chinese Taipei, and South Korea. The American team, who previously had more of an amateur feel, was ranked number five during the last ranking. The addition of a handful of MLB superstars has to certainly push them up the list. Team Mexico just got a whole lot better with the addition of Urias. Urias would be a comforting sight on the mound in any game.