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JUCO Player Kicked Off Team For Violently Tackling Opposing Player

The pitcher behind viral video has suffered repercussions for his awful decision.

I remember playing NFL Blitz for Nintendo 64 (yeah I'm old get over it) and one of my parents noted that it was illegal to have your entire team jump on the downed player after the play was over. Keenly aware of this, I always thought, "of course you can't do it, that's why we have fun doing it on a video game."

Oh, simpler times. Weatherford College pitcher Owen Woodward has been kicked off the team after he violently tackled a player who hit a two-run bomb off of him in a game. Just a warning, this is pretty brutal.

He hit this poor kid violently. Immediately after the incident, the benches cleared and chaos ensued. Several players were suspended multiple games for their roles in the incident. Woodward was suspended a paltry four games by the conference before Weatherford did the right thing and kicked him off the team

This was a malicious act of violence. There is a full video of the incident and there was no outlandish physical action that could have set off the pitcher. The point of the matter is that even if the batter bat flipped his bat into the next zip code while high-stepping to first in mid-bad, no actions or words warranted this kind of violence. It seems in the last 5-10 years our collective actions as a society have drastically changed. Nobody seems to be embarrassed by their poor reactions. You have to commend the school for doing the right thing and kicking this kid off the team and hope he gets some kind of help or learns his lesson.