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Joe Maddon Got A Mohawk On The Same Day He Got Fired

This part of Maddon's firing is so embarrassing that you'll be saying, "no ragrets."

The Los Angeles Angels went to desperate lengths to try and snap their 14-game losing streak. Nickelback didn't help. Nothing helped. Next, Angels manager Joe Maddon went full Creed Bratton and drastically changed his hair. 

I feel bad laughing, but at the same time, this is too funny. Surely there has to be a photo of this somewhere. Can you imagine? A 68-year-old Maddon goes into the clubhouse to show his team how dedicated he is to turning the ship around, a mohawk hiding under his cap, only to be handed a pink slip? That is objectively 'cringe funny.'

I wanted to lead the witness there, as that is not exactly how it happened, per Bleacher Report.

"Angels general manager Perry Minasian visited Maddon at his home to deliver the news of the firing in-person, which may have been awkward. Minasian apparently was not impressed enough by Maddon's hairstyle to give him another chance."

I am going to take heat for making two references to "The Office" in one piece, but this entire story is so cringe-inducing, that I feel like I'm watching "Scott's Tots" for the first time. 

What's Next For Joe?

The Los Angeles Angels don't have the most sterling reputation. After his firing, Maddon's quote alluded to that disfunction. Maddon expressed interest in managing again, but in a better situation.

"...but the next time I’ll definitely make sure the alignment is good regarding ownership and front office, that philosophically you’re on the same page. ... we gotta play baseball again."

I am sure Angels fans could present examples of Maddon's poor choices. I am not implying that he is a flawless manager who should not have been fired. Maddon's quote implies, at best, a misunderstanding in baseball philosophy between the front office and the skipper. I can't imagine he isn't at the helm of a team in 2023.