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Baseball Legend Joc Pederson Silences Heckler

Some players just respond better when they're being taunted. Joc Pederson is one of those.

I miss Joc Pederson on the Dodgers. I don't miss the arctic cold streaks he'd go through, but I miss the attitude. He also frequently turned up the heat in October. Excuse me, "Joctober." His propensity for shouting funny things after home runs has started to become the stuff of legend. It started in the 2017 World Series, where he paraphrased Kirk Cousins.

Epic. This wouldn't be the last time, either. Wednesday Joc Pederson, now a member of the (ew) San Francisco Giants was being heckled loudly by a Brewers fan who may have had a few too many Miller Highlifes.

I've always thought that the best retaliation for any grievance in baseball is to succeed at your next attempt. Even if you get hit by the pitcher. If you get beaned, getting into a fight is a lame retaliation and doesn't help anything but pride. Taking the guy deep works better. Pederson hit this one into the next county in Milwaukee and the hecklers shut up pretty quick. What this next clip shows, however, is NSFW and I'll let the caption tell you what he said. 

Offering the fan an invitation to heckle again (and then insulting him with a bad choice of words in my opinion) is pretty epic. I can guarantee that guy was quiet during Pederson's next at-bat. Pederson's response puts him in prestigious company. Guys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were known for having personalities such that other teams and fans were warned not to heckle them. If Bryant was having a bad game, the best thing to do was to not say anything at all. After all, it was Sun-Tzu, author of "The Art of War" who said when your enemy is making a mistake, don't interrupt him.