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Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz Makes Quick Work of Eduardo Ramirez

You only need watch a few seconds of the videos to see how things went for Isaac Cruz as he annihilates Eduardo Ramirez at Arena.

So, that escalated quickly.

It took less than two rounds for Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz to rearrange Eduardo Ramirez’s outlook on life.

A devastating left hook sent Ramirez to the canvas. And with just 36 seconds left in the round, a barrage ended the night early for the two boxers. One will go home wondering where things went wrong, the other will move on to bigger and badder things.

Prior to the official call, it was clear what the fans in attendance wanted. A chant of “We want Tank” broke out, signifying that at least the thousands at Arena had seen enough. They want Pitbull to match up with 27-year-old Gervonta Davis. In attendance, the Baltimore native smiled and shrugged off the suggestion.

Cruz agrees, saying "We want the rematch with Gervonta Davis. That's what these fans want. I promised the knockout tonight and we got it done."

"I stuck to my game plan," he continued. "This was what we had crafted throughout training camp. The crowd just motivated me even more to go out there and finish him off like I was able to do."

While the first round was measured and, dare I say, reserved. The second round was anything but. It’s clear Cruz was biding his time. How were we to know that the time was all of a couple of minutes.

Living up to his moniker, “Pitbull” was unrelenting and the charge was too much for the 29-year-old from Los Mochis, Mexico.