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Is Los Angeles A Football Town Now?

The Rams recent Super Bowl Win has changed the football culture in Los Angeles.

If you've read my pieces enough it becomes really clear that I am a Los Angeles sports team fan. I grew up with Laker fandom and I grew up with Dodger fandom. When somebody asks me about my favorite football team, I rarely have an answer. When I lived in Nashville I would say "the Titans." Now that I live in Pennsylvania, I casually root for the Eagles and as of two seasons ago, I started rooting again, for the Rams.

Call me a bandwagon fan if you need to. I got interested in the Rams when they went to the Super Bowl in 2019, but I never liked Jared Goff. The day they traded for Matthew Stafford, I got invested. I always liked Stafford and I always would tell people he was severely underappreciated. When the Rams played in this most recent Super Bowl, I rooted hard for them.

A piece in the LA Times seems to prove that my story is not a unique one. The piece says that six years at ago at Rams training camp at UC Irvine, you would see a sea of jerseys across the NFL fandom. All of that is a thing of the past. On Wednesday, the Rams estimated that nearly 100,000 fans had attended 10 free public workouts.

Dubs Only

There is a concept that has been proven to solve any fandom problem across sports. It is not an effective propaganda campaign, discounted tickets, better food, snappier jerseys.

It's winning. Just like Al Davis said. Just win baby, win.

Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff acknowledged this simply, yet difficult necessity.

“We talked so much about it in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl: What playing the Super Bowl in Los Angeles would do. What a win would do. I don’t think you can underestimate it.”

Winning transcends it all.

Why Did It Take Winning?

Think of Raiders fans. Are they Oakland? Are they Los Angeles? Are they Las Vegas? The answer is a little bit of yes to every city. There are plenty of Raider fans in Los Angeles, but not enough to dominate the city. The same goes for the Los Angeles Chargers. I really wish they could go back to San Diego, and I say that lovingly.

The Los Angeles Rams had their time in St. Louis for over 20 years. Four years ago I would have still had in my mind that the Rams were a midwestern team with the likes of Jeff Fisher, Kurt Warner, and just edging out the Titans by a yard. It's 2022 and I have to be honest—that is all the time it took for me to fully see the Rams as Los Angeles' team, and my team. Winning a Super Bowl and seeing my LA family decked out in Rams gear, and I'm hooked. They're my Los Angeles football team.

Last Thoughts

If you live in Los Angeles or your heart is in Los Angeles, who is your team? Let us know on Twitter @EnFuegoNow or @AJontheguitar.