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Ime Udoka: What We Know So Far

The coach of the Boston Celtics has a problem.

It was just a few weeks (okay maybe months) ago that we were writing pieces about the new legacy and dynasty that was potentially brewing in Boston. The Boston Celtics had two young players who were stars and were led by coach young Ime Udoka. Udoka was a breath of fresh air in Boston who also commanded a tight ship that led them to the NBA Finals. Yeah, about that.

I get that it was consensual, but I think most people understand that that is not the issue. There is a power dynamic between employees and people in power where the idea of consensuality gets mirky or downright null. The Boston Celtics recognized this as a violation of their code of conduct.

The consensus seems to be that Udoka will be suspended for the entirety of next season. If this is the case, hopefully, he spends the time getting counseling and being educated on the harm his actions caused. As for the staffer, hopefully, they also can have access to resources should they need some help as well. This is not as simple of a situation as it may appear at first glance.

Should He Come Back?

As I started to write this ponderance over whether Udoka should return at all, this information was posted to Twitter from Chris Mannix at Sports Illustrated.

*What I am about to do is speculate purely on my instinct. I want to make that clear because, in this day and age, people take speculation as fact and run with it.*

There must be more to this story. The supposed one-year suspension that people have been rumoring came out very quickly and seems very long considering the NBA's history. I am saying a one-year suspension is not appropriate. In sports, (and everywhere, sadly) these types of inappropriate relationships are not given the proper weight in terms of consequences. I speculate only based on history and other suspensions.

Robert Sarver's one-year suspension comes on the heels of a truckload of violations far worse than what Udoka has apparently done. It is dangerous to compare other suspensions but as a wise person once said—appearances are everything.

Where Does This Leave The Celtics?

According to Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson, many of the Celtics players have already been aware of the issue for some time. Robinson is a trusted source, so we can assume this has all been carefully planned as far as the release of information.

As per the coaching vacancy, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowksi has reported that assistant coach Joe Mazzulla will likely be the Celtic's interim coach for the season.

This Week Has Been Rough

Between Robert Sarver, Adam Levine (I wish I did not know the details of this one), and Ime Udoka, this week has shined a light on a pretty ugly issue. It is dangerous to speculate on these kinds of stories when we do not know the inner workings and details, but it's just been sad to see. Hopefully, Udoka and his family (dude you cheated on Nia Long?) find some kind of counseling and peace, and hopefully, the Celtics staffer can remain anonymous if they choose to, because nobody needs any of their trauma to be public information if they do not want it to be.