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Alejandro Kirk and More MLB Sluggers Tearing It Up Right Now

Hot Corner: Alejandro Kirk, Paul Goldschmidt and other hitters are dominating just under the radar.

There are many ways to enjoy Major League Baseball. Maybe you follow your favorite team religiously. Maybe you are a more general baseball fan and try to follow as many things as possible. Maybe you're in it for the fantasy baseball. It doesn't matter. Nobody can notice all the things happening in MLB. I want to highlight some things that maybe you have missed. Let's get this started.

Alejandro Kirk Has Emerged

Alejandro Kirk was on a lot of "fantasy sleepers" lists before the season started. We included him on ours, as well. He has been one of the best sleepers for fantasy baseball. He actually is one of the best catchers in MLB this season. Don't believe me? Look at the American League All-Star leaders in the catching category.

1. Alejandro Kirk, Blue Jays: 1,057,008
2. Jose Trevino, Yankees: 387,983
3. Salvador Perez, Royals: 266,604

He's dominating the voting. How good has he been? His slash line is .307/.395/.487 with an OPS+ of 152 (wRC+ is 151) and a 2.5 fWAR. Fantasy players concerned with a strikeout rate? Not for this guy. Kirk has walked more than he has struck out.

Okay, can he sustain this the entire season? Probably not, but stranger things have happened. Also, Viva Mexico! Kirk was born in Tijuana.

Paul Goldschmidt Is Hitting Better Than Ever

Remember when Paul Goldschmidt was a perennial MVP candidate as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks? In 2013 he came in second in MVP voting. He had 36 home runs, 125 rbi, and .302/.401/.551 slash line. That was his best year in Arizona, but his other seasons there were comparable. 

How's he doing in 2022? Oh just leading the NL in every slash line category. He leads in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, and OPS+ (and wRC+ for you FanGraphs fans) as well. Goldschmidt is tearing the cover off the ball and a lot of you haven't noticed. How about a 3.9 bWAR, too? 

Luis Arraez Is Pulling A Tony Gwynn

Everybody who hates the way baseball has changed cites the "three true outcomes" and the way they dominate baseball. "Where are the players who hit for average? Where are the players who walk more than they strike out? Where are the players who don't have to hit for power all the time?" Well, I hate that kind of lamenting, but luckily for all the boomers out there, this player exists. His name is Luis Arraez. Arraez is slashing .349/.426/.440. He has a 154 OPS+. He is an old-school guy who just hits the ball but doesn't hit it 400 feet. This video laments some of those same lame comments, but it's fun to see Arraez's swing. Viva Venezuela!

I See London, I See Ty France

The Seattle Mariners are underperforming. I picked them to be the sneaky competitor in the AL West, and so far I was wrong. Ty France is crushing the ball, though. He's slashing a .316/.390/.476 line to lead the Mariners in hitting with an overall 154 OPS+. He also leads the majors in hit by pitch, again. France is another name you probably don't hear often enough but hopefully, soon you will.

Who Did I Miss?

I'm waiting for Orioles fans to tell me I should have talked about Austin Hays. He's almost there. Who should I have highlighted that I didn't? Let us know on Twitter at @EnFuegoNow and @AJontheguitar.