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Now That He Is Retiring, How Do We Really Feel About Gonzalo Higuain?

When it comes to the football star and Inter Miami CF player, it's always been a love-hate thing for fans.

Gonzalo Higuain hung up his boots after 17 years of a professional career, after competing on the main stages worldwide to finally end up in the MLS. The Argentine will play the remainder of the season and then see action in the playoffs, where Inter Miami CF has qualified so far.

Although his statistics in the United States were not bad, with 27 goals and 11 assists in 67 games for Inter Miami CF, much more was expected from this world-class attacker. What is certain is that Higuain now has his last chance to leave his mark as a legend in Miami, if he manages to win the MLS championship at the end of the season.

The Argentine striker is a player who always stirs up debate because he has generated that love-hate feeling among fans. For many, he was one of the best forwards of his generation, and for others, he was a source of mockery and memes.

The real question is: how good was Higuain? There seems to be no middle ground to categorize his career, as according to many he was excellent, and to others he was pretty bad. Here we tell you the truth.

Higuaín was good. Period.

The numbers are there, and Gonzalo Higuain was a world-class striker.

After impressing everyone in Argentina with River Plate, Higuaín moved to Real Madrid as a youngster, where he won the Spanish championship in his first two seasons, playing a regular role in the team.

In 2009, monsters such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema joined the team, but Real Madrid's top scorer was Higuain, netting an absurd 29 goals in 40 games.

At Napoli he won two titles, although the truly amazing thing was his scoring record in his last season there, with 38 goals in 42 games, being named Capocannoniere, the top scorer in Italian soccer. Crazy.

Upon leaving for Juventus, Higuain continued to score goals in high numbers, averaging 22 goals per campaign over three seasons.

With 31 goals in 75 games, Higuaín is Argentina's sixth all-time leading scorer, with a better goalscoring average than Sergio Agüero and Diego Maradona.

The problem is bad timing

It has been proven that soccer fans have short memories. An achievement or a good season can be forgotten thanks to a single bad game.

Sadly, Higuain more often than not failed at crucial moments throughout his career.

We remember that match between Real Madrid and Lyon, where the Argentine left goalkeeper Lloris in the way and then smashed the ball against the post. He was also inaccurate in the finals against Germany in the World Cup and Chile in the Copa America.

In the aforementioned cases, and many others, Higuain's team ended up losing, leaving him exposed as responsible for the defeats.

Representing a country as emotional about soccer as Argentina, it is understandable that, out of frustration, fans needed to let off steam in some way, and Higuain was the perfect target. What many do not remember is that, thanks to a goal by Higuain against Belgium, Argentina reached the semifinals of a World Cup for the first time in 24 years.