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Freddie Freeman Free Agency Watch Nears Conclusion

Where is the World Series champion and former MVP going to sign?

I guess we know what that means, Dodger fans. (Insert wink emoji which I refuse to do)

Let's Go Back in Time A Few Days

Freddie Freeman watch has reached a fever pitch, especially if you have been following it on social media, particularly Twitter. Friday evening, MLBNetwork broadcaster/insider posted this to Twitter.

The time stamp on that tweet reads 8:31 PM, Mar 11, 2022. Almost 24 hours later, Morosi tweeted this.

It is now Monday the 14th. It appears the 24-hour piece of information was incorrect. All teams and players are reporting for a shortened spring training. The season is slated to start on April 7th. The big question has kept everybody waiting on edge. Where is Freddie Freeman going to sign?


If you've followed free agency over the past decade or so (particularly the last few years) you'll know that player's agents often use social media as bargaining tactics. If you read a tweet or see on the sports news that teams are "on the 50-yard line with (this player) on a contract" it often isn't true. This tactic is used so that other teams' front offices' will increase their offer to said player. If the Dodgers are "this close to signing Freddie Freeman" perhaps the Atlanta Braves will see that bit of information and increase their offer. 

It's exhausting for fans who just want to know where their favorite player is going. It's exhausting for fans who want to see if their favorite team is going to sign a big-time free agent. It is even more frustrating when you consider that there is another possible purpose for these nuggets of misdirection.

If you tie up a team on a deal, making them wait as long as possible before deciding where to go, you may be tying their hands on other dealings as well. Freeman is going to command a large amount of money (as he should) wherever he signs. If a team is looking to sign Freeman as their top priority, their backup plans will become increasingly more difficult and expensive every hour that they wait. There is so much gamesmanship going on here. 

Well, Where Is He Going?

The Freeman era is almost certainly over with the Atlanta Braves. He has been the face of their franchise since he came into the league, and he is comfortable in Atlanta, but all good things must come to an end. Given that, he's from southern California. The Angels aren't looking to sign him because Arte Moreno is so cheap that he probably didn't even consider signing Freeman. After all, his name wasn't in a coupon book. The Dodgers have the money, the interest, and the team to entice Freeman into coming. The Dodgers are perennial World Series candidates. If Freeman wants to win, going to LA is his most likely chance to play for a title. As for Morosi's cryptic "other teams as well," I would imagine the Yankees have reached out. They are always willing to spend the money. The Padres could be in on Freeman as well, but there's been no word on that. 

With the revelation that the Braves just acquired Matt Olson from the Oakland A's, I am predicting a blue jersey and a southern California homecoming for Freeman.