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Fan Catches Two Home Runs In The Same Inning

A Boston Red Sox fan managed to wind up with two souvenirs in the same inning, defying absurd odds.

Han Solo once said, "never tell me the odds." Perhaps this was not Solo's denial of probable success, but a disbelief in the incredulous. If we're going to talk incredible odds, take a look at this. 

Sitting in the seats atop the "green monster" at Fenway Park means you're already having a pretty good day. This young man first caught Jeremy Peña's home run on a ricochet. This was probably a good thing, as the 411-foot home run surely had an exit velocity beyond 100 miles per hour. He gave this souvenir to his female companion (we don't want to assume the relationship of course) like a true gentleman. You go to a Red Sox game and sit on the green monster and you get a home run ball and give it away. Then you manage to catch another one? 

The second one the fan caught with his bare hands. It's even more impressive when you consider he caught it as it went through the hands of two other fans. I once bare-handed a Yasiel Puig batting practice home run. Except that's not entirely true. It hit my hand but I could not keep it in my hands so I lost it. Those hurt. The young fan must have known he was on TV as he played it off pretty well. 

Bob Costas' commentary is pretty funny here, as well. 

"When he tells this story years from now, the Red Sox will have won the game."

Indeed. Most Red Sox fans did not have as much fun as this fan did, as the Red Sox got blown out by a score of 13-4. The Sox are now 14-22. Yikes.