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The Immediate Impact Of Blockbuster Juan Soto Trade To The Padres

San Diego got the prized player they were wanting, and the effects and dominoes are endless.

Well. It finally happened. Juan Soto, this generation's Ted Williams, has been traded to the San Diego Padres. The "Passan bomb" was exactly as big as we expected.

The package for Soto is immense. One of the biggest prospects hauls in history.

Oh and one more name...

Eric Hosmer

*As of this writing, the deal is still hinging on Hosmer. Every beat writer and expert has pointed out that no matter what Hosmer does, this deal will happen. You have to feel for Hosmer, though. He's going from a playoff-bound (almost certainly) team to a team who just sold off all their parts and players in a swamp. Sorry, folks. DC is brutal.

*Update. Eric Hosmer has outright rejected this trade and will not be part of the Soto deal. The Padres will have a few hours to figure out what to do with Hosmer, who is owed $39 million from 2023-25.

Soto To San Diego Dominoes


Mackenzie Gore is lauded to be one of the next big lefties in the National League. CJ Abrams is Fangraphs No. 1 Padres prospect and No. 11 in MLB overall. Robert Hassell III is their No. 3 and No. 41 overall, James Wood is their number 4 and number 66 overall, and Jarlin Susana is their number 8. The Washington Nationals will come up later in this piece for criticism, but they have gotten a ton of MLB talent in this trade.

The Padres have now emptied their magazine of prospects for future trades and acquisitions. They will need to rely on free-agent signings and development to build up their pitching staff and the second half of their lineup. The top three of Soto-Manny Machado-Fernando Tatis Jr. are imposing as hell, but the back half of the lineup is pretty anemic. The Padres' starting pitchers are Yu Darvish, Sean Manaea, Joe Musgrove, Blake Snell, and Mike Clevinger. On paper, these are dangerous names. They have all been effective to a point. The Padres have the 8th best ERA in MLB. Manaea and Snell have not been great. The Padres bolstered their bullpen with the addition of Josh Hader, despite his struggles, so the Padres could be a dangerous team to face in a playoff series.

It leaves the Padres with questions about how they sustain their success, however. They're running out of fam pieces to trade.

The Dodgers

The Dodgers are no strangers to making big splashes at the trade deadline. In 2022, they have made no splashes. There are still a few hours, but the question is this. Does the best team in MLB need to make any big splashes? LA could always use depth for their pitching despite having the best ERA in the majors. With the Padres making huge moves, the Dodgers may only win the National League West by 7 games instead of 12.

Last Thoughts

Some of this article may be outdated or even extinct by the time the trade deadline is over, but that is the nature of the chaos that is trade deadline week. If the Dodgers do not make a single move, get ready for "panic in LA" pieces.