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Doug Gottlieb Mucked Around And Found Out

It turns out you can't say anything you want on the internet without consequences, Doug Gottlieb is being sued for libel by Freddie Freeman's former agent.

Agent Casey Close filed a lawsuit against Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb on Thursday. In the suit, Close is alleging that Gottlieb "falsely and recklessly" defamed Close and his agency in a tweet that Gottlieb sent out. Gottlieb said that Close and his agency (Excel Sports) never presented a contract to Freeman during his free agency period. The tweet read as follows.

"Casey Close never told Freddie Freeman about the Braves final offer, that is why Freeman fired him"

Gottlieb In Hot Water

The allegation from Gottlieb has cost Close a lot of money and certainly a large ding on his reputation. It also caused him to lose Freddie Freeman as his client. The lawsuit alleges (per ESPN) "although we gave Mr. Gottlieb an opportunity to retract his false statement, he failed to do so. The Complaint sets the record straight as to what occurred during the negotiations with the Atlanta Braves." In a statement, Close and his attorneys did not mince words.

"Doug Gottlieb's statement -- Casey Close, a respected member of the sports agent community for over 30 years, did not communicate a contract offer to a client -- is not only wholly false, but also is an attack on the character of Mr. Close and his highly reputable agency, Excel Sports Management. Such reckless misconduct by Mr. Gottlieb will not be tolerated."

That does not sound like a statement an agency would make if the lawsuit was frivolous. Close and Excel sound certain and Gottlieb may indeed be in some trouble.

Muck Around And Find Out

I distinctly remember finding it strange that Gottlieb tweeted this out. No other sources were confirming this and at first glance, it seemed preposterously far-fetched that an agency with the reputation of Excel Sports could withhold or miss such an obvious detail from Freeman. In baseball, scouts frequently use the term "the eye test." Based on this eye test, it doesn't look good for Gottlieb. When you tweet something that accuses an agency of such mismanagement, you better be certain. The fact that nobody else confirmed or relayed a message publicly that even resembled what Gottlieb said, is telling.

Gottlieb has never been much of a baseball pundit, to begin with. He is a basketball guy who centers mostly around NCAA basketball. He has never done work surrounding baseball. Why he would tweet this out is strange. It's only minorly worth noting that Gottlieb was once kicked out of Notre Dame for felony theft after he was caught using stolen credit cards to purchase nearly $1,000 of merchandise. We all make mistakes (especially when we're young) but those types of things do, unfortunately for Gottlieb, follow us around forever.

Whether Gottlieb intentionally tweeted false information or tweeted out information he believed to be true remains to be seen. In the report, it says that they gave Gottlieb a chance to retract his statement. He did not. We can throw the lighter violation of negligence out the window. If Gottlieb loses, he's going to be held liable for libel.

I've always wanted to use that turn of phrase. This story should be juicy as the story develops.