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Goodbye Dodger Stadium? Team to Sell Stadium Field Rights

The name "Dodger Stadium" is on shaky ground as a marketing and gaudy name presentation starts in 2023.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have partnered with the marketing agency Sportfive to procure sponsorship deals for the Dodgers to name the playing field at Dodger Stadium and add a patch to the team uniforms for advertising. 

This should sound familiar. Last year, the same company helped negotiate a uniform patch for the Lakers with Bibigo, a Korean food company. That deal was worth $100 million for five years. Unfortunately, the bottom line is always the top dollar, and this was inevitable. Patches on the jerseys are annoying and painfully capitalistic, but this is the way of the world now and we have to get used to it. 

According to Sportico, the priority is to sell the uniform advertising patch, which will appear for the first time in MLB history during the 2023 season after being included in the new five-year Basic Agreement between owners and players. The field naming rights deal could be negotiated separately. 

Does this mean "Dodger Stadium" is going the way of the dodo? I've always been so happy that the Dodgers' home stadium didn't have some painfully corporate name like "Citizens Bank Ballpark" or "Guaranteed Rate Field." Well, Dodger Stadium will stay the same, but we could see something equally offensive to the English language as, "Liberty Mutual Park at Dodger Stadium." Bleh. What a terrible thing to have to say out loud.

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I can just imagine it on the SNLA broadcast. Joe Davis proudly announcing, "welcome to NFT Scam Field at Dodger Stadium, presented by Bank of Sellouts of America." It doesn't have the sound of something pure and true, does it? 

It doesn't matter. This was always the way it was going to go. MLB and MLB teams make more money while the fans are finding it more and more difficult each year to even watch baseball games, as the sport descends into streaming hopscotch. Oh well, it's a brave new world.