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Dodgers Prospect Strikes Out Everyone

How do the Los Angeles Dodgers find these guys?

Dodgers prospect Bobby Miller has been the talk of hardcore Dodger fans for the better part of a few years. "Prospect huggers," as they are commonly referred to, wanted to make sure Miller was not involved in any trade rumors during trade season. Funny enough, I never saw his name in any trade rumors. The Dodgers probably consider him untouchable. I did not know they meant literally.

On Thursday evening, Miller struck out 14 batters in six innings. For those of you doing grade-school arithmetic, there are a minimum of 18 batters faced in six innings. Miller struck out most of them. Look at this. Just filthy.

Miller ranks as the Dodgers' number two prospect behind Diego Cartaya. Cartaya is still early in his development. He's knocking the cover off the ball at high-A. Miller has played at both AA and AAA this season. He is closer to seeing time at the major league level, although many scouts agree he still has some developing to do. Miller throws hard. His fastball is consistently clocked in the high 90s and his hard slider is a plus pitch that somehow also manages to register in the 90s. Miller likes his changeup that has developed greatly over the past two seasons. Miller is the heir apparent to the Dodgers line of terrific frontline starters like Clayton Kershaw, Julio Urias, and Walker Buehler.

The Dodgers

As we touched on recently, few teams are as good as the Dodgers at drafting and developing. The lazy argument involves lamenting that the Dodgers have the budget to hire the best scouts and development personnel. Every team has the money to invest in better staff. The Dodgers put their money in the right places.