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3 Reasons the Dallas Cowboys Won’t Play in the Super Bowl

Sorry Cowboys fans, this probably isn't the year either.

The Dallas Cowboys believe they can win a Super Bowl this season. Of course, most teams start the season believing that they will at least compete, and the Cowboys actually have a good team, so this isn’t so far-fetched. 

On paper, the Dallas Cowboys are, if not close, at least in the vicinity of a Super Bowl team. But will this be the year they get back to the Super Bowl? The answer’s probably no, and it isn’t just history that’s against them, it’s other teams.

Because yes, the Cowboys are a good team. The problem is, they aren’t the only ones, and the stronger the league gets, the harder it will be for teams that are just good to compete, particularly when to get to a Super Bowl they will need to get through their fair share of teams that are as good, if not better. And considering the last time the franchise appeared in a Super Bowl was 1996, it’s not like they have a lot of experience in overcoming adversity and reaching the promised land anyway.

Here are three reasons this isn’t the Cowboy’s year.

The Strength of the NFC

It seems obvious that every good team has to compete with a lot of other good teams to be the one reaching the Super Bowl, and it’s very hard to determine if a team has what it takes before actual games that count are being played. But the Cowboys don’t exactly have an easy road to the big game via the NFC, and even their division looks better than it did last year – not exactly a hard bar to clear.

Plus, the Cowboys didn’t really improve their roster in any significant way. They parted with Amari Cooper, and pretty much botched the Randy Gregory negotiations, which doesn’t exactly sound like the recipe to get any farther than they’ve gotten the past, what … twenty-five years?

Their Coaching

It’s likely now or never for Mike McCarthy. The problem is, of course, a coach can’t win alone. Other issues surrounding the team might prevent McCarthy from delivering what Jerry Jones wants – and has paid for. And make no mistake about it, all eyes are on McCarthy and the pressure will continue building as the season goes on. Good isn’t good enough in Dallas, not anymore. So, can the Cowboys be great?

Even Their Strengths Are Not Guaranteed

Mike Parsons is a superstar, even after just one year. Dak Prescott is a great QB, and he’s got CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup and Ezekiel Elliott, which means the offense has the tools to be great. But the defensive line is anything but solid, just as it was last year. And unless they can stop opposing RBs, the offense, which seems like their biggest strength, won’t have the ball for long enough to dominate the way they want to.

But perhaps the biggest problem for the Cowboys is that as good as some things look on paper, it’s all about hope – even on offense. So, even though stranger things have happened, and it’s too early to truly write off any team, this probably isn’t the year the Dallas Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl either. And, for how long can they actually stay America’s Team if they can’t get there?