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Craig Kimbrel Just Needed To Let It Go

"I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious."

There is a terrific history of closers walking out to intimidating songs to strike fear into the hearts of opposing teams in the 9th inning. Intimidating, badass, songs.

Mariano Rivera- Enter Sandman

Eric Gagne- Welcome To The Jungle

Trevor Hoffman- Hells Bells

Kenley Jansen- California Love

Craig Kimbrel- Let It Go

Wait, what?

Tried Everything Elsa

Craig Kimbrel has not had the best season. We have discussed before that some Kimbrel's failures have been a product of bad luck, but results matter.

Last month Dodger Stadium celebrated Women’s Day. Dodger players chose different walk-up songs that were chosen by their significant others. Kimbrel's wife chose "Let It Go"  from the Disney movie, "Frozen." Since then, Kimbrel's performance has done a complete 180.

"Since Craig Kimbrel first used "Let It Go" as his walk-in music on Aug. 21, he hasn't allowed a hit in six appearances, and he has a 0.00 ERA."

I don't care whether you're superstitious or not, why would you change what is working? You cannot argue with success, and I would wager that Kimbrel will keep this song as long as he is pitching this way. He's dotting corners the way he wanted to before. his off-speed stuff has bite. The fastballs are moving. You cannot argue with success.

Personally, I just love the juxtaposition of it all. Big-time reliever out of the bullpen. Scary motion on the mound, high 90s fastball. He's about to be announced out of the bullpen to the home crowd. A thin lead. The PA starts up and there's the voice of Idina Menzel, singing "Let It Go."

I love it.