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Comedian's Hilarious Quarterback Memes May Be the Best Part of the Season

Sarah York tells you what each NFL quarterback looks like, and she's not wrong.

Bow before Sarah York, your new NFL comedian extraordinaire.

Normally ambling through the halls of Twitter on Monday morning reveals the usual deluge of the horrendous, awful, and anxiety-inducing.

Then, sometimes, you run smack dab into brilliance. Like turning the corner on a gloomy day to see the next street illuminated by sunlight. That’s what her thread on quarterback profiles represents. It’s that hilarious. And here are just a few.

York was previously with We Are the Box and Dyking Out Podcast. She is now presumably preparing for a wild, Wild Card weekend coming up.

The only unfortunate fact is that we will only have a few of the many starting quarterbacks she so expertly compares in the above thread.

We will never look at these superstars the same again. And that’s a beautiful thing.