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Christian Vázquez’s Reaction to Astros Trade Is a Reminder That Players Are Only Human

Sometimes the trade deadline can get heartbreaking.

Christian Vázquez was a little shellshocked at being traded to the Houston Astros. And by a little, we mean a lot.

It’s hard to blame him, though, when you consider he’s been a member of the Boston Red Sox since 2008, when he was drafted. He made his Major League debut in 2014, and was part of the team’s Championship in 2018. This is the only professional team he knows, the city he’s built a life in. And now, just like that, it’s all changed. And yeah, as Vásquez himself said, it’s a business. But that doesn’t mean he is a robot – or that anyone should expect him to behave as one.

His reaction ended up playing out in public because of a bizarre series of circumstances. Boston was in Houston to play the Astros. As Vásquez and his teammates were taking batting practice, the trade was announced, which means reporters got a chance to ask Vásquez about it before he even got to talk to his teammates or manager about it. A Red Sox official came to take him after a few seconds, but the damage had already been done. His reaction was on video.

Vásquez, who is set to be a free agent at the end of the year, might end up staying in Houston. He might not. Either way, his dreams of remaining with the Red Sox are over, and that, whether the Astros qualify for the postseason and Vásquez gets a chance at another World Series, is still a hard pill to swallow. Christian Vásquez didn’t even get a plane ride to get his emotions under control. Instead, he now gets to sit in the other dugout as the Red Sox face Houston tonight.