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Chris Sale Got Injured In the Most Chris Sale Way Possible And The Internet Had Memes

Chris Sale injured himself...again. The memes are terrific.

Chris Sale is either the most klutz person alive, or he has the worst luck.

I don't know how else to write it, at this point. Another Sale injury from riding his bike. Perhaps, "Chris Sale came to a sudden arboreal stop?" Let us never forget the time that Sale missed playoff time because of an infected belly button ring. Other injuries sustained by Chris Sale involved breaking his rib while working out, punching a locker during a rehab start, and a broken finger from a line drive. If you analyze all of those injuries, some are surely the product of his own judgment, but others are bad luck. Red Sox GM could only half-joke about this luck.

"We need to dispatch some people to go find whoever has a Chris Sale voodoo doll and then recover it. It's just, you know, it stinks."

“(Sale) took his bike out to go grab some lunch near his house and hit something going down a hill. Flew off the bike,” Bloom said.

Okay, I admit. That does stink. Know what doesn't stink? The memes.

The Memes

I'll never get tired of "Moneyball" memes.


The memes just get better.

Not the Joe Biden meme!

My fellow West Wing fans gotta laugh at this one.

Last Thoughts

There will inevitably be people who think joking about this injury is going too far, but frankly, they're going to be wrong. This is funny for everyone except Sale but even he has to see the humor in it. Thankfully, he will be ready for the 2023 Red Sox season.