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MLB Villain Carlos Correa Got All The Boos at Dodger Stadium

The former member of the cheating Houston Astros received nothing but abuse in Los Angeles.

Carlos Correa was a member of the Cheating Astros and Los Angeles will always remember him as such. He's now a member of the Minnesota Twins. The Twins just got swept by Los Angeles in a short two-game series. How do you think Carlos Correa was received?

That's some virulent reception by the Dodger fan faithful. Luckily the kids are much nicer. Just kidding.

When Correa was retired, the crowd erupted into a fit of glee. Dodgers organist, Dieter Ruehle, played "Hit The Road Jack" to add to the noise.

Does Correa Deserve The Boos?

Let me answer with certainty and clarity so that it's clearer than anything I have ever said. Yes, he does.

The Cheating Houston Astros. I never label a year on that team because we have no idea how long they cheated. An investigation was done and you can find the results with a quick Google search. If you trust the reliability of an investigation where every player was given immunity for supposed honesty, I have a bridge to sell you. If you trust an investigation where Rob Manfred was in charge, I have an even bigger bridge to sell you.

This is the part where I speculate and lead the witness, so that is my fair warning. It is just as probable that like a child who knows he's in trouble, only enough truth was revealed so that the problem could be dealt with. It is just as probable that the Astros cheated in the playoffs, cheating either the New York Yankees from a pennant, or the Los Angeles Dodgers from a World Series victory. Dodger fans will never stop booing members of that team. Those former Astros do not need sympathy, even the supposed innocent members like Jose Altuve. If they want forgiveness, they should be more honest about the whole scandal. They never will and that is their prerogative that protects them from more consequences. The consequences instead will be booing and their tainted legacy.

Maybe they should not have cheated.