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Butt Punt Vs Butt Fumble: Which Epic Fail Wins?

Talk about your all-time NFL bloopers.

The 2022 NFL season has some terrific storylines so far. The Philadelphia Eagles are suddenly the most fun team to watch, the Las Vegas Raiders are god-awful, Tom Brady may finally be out of juice, and the Denver Broncos are not the front-runners some of us thought they were.

Oh and bloopers. Have you seen the butt punt yet? Behold.

Thomas Morstead could not have aimed better at his center Trent Sherfield's butt. Luckily for the Dolphins, the Buffalo Bills were unable to score down the field after the safety, and Miami took home the win. Sherfield was good-natured about the butt punt.

The Legendary Butt Fumble

Naturally, this called to mind one of the most epic bloopers in NFL history. The Butt Fumble. We are coming up on 10 years since the epic butt fumble.

Watch with better music (and hopefully the NFL not blocking our embed) here.

Such a shame for Mark Sanchez that he will always be known for the butt fumble.

Debating The Worst of the Worst

Well, there is context to consider. The Miami Dolphins managed to pull out a win despite this embarrassing play. The New York Jets ended up losing that game like 100-20 or something like that. Okay, that was not the actual score, but it was a slaughter at the hands of the Patriots. Mark Sanchez had an okay NFL career, but to this day he is known for this infamous blunder. He's the "butt fumble guy." The butt fumble also happened on Thanksgiving. What is worse than having the most humiliating play of all time happen on one of the most watched telecasts of the season? Talk about the worst kind of stuffing.

Which Wins?

I am sorry, Mr. Sanchez for doing you dirty—but the butt fumble is still the worst blooper by comparison. The play itself is just so damning. The scramble from the pocket already looks frantic. When Sanchez runs as hard as he can, unexplainably into the rear of one of his linemen, it just looks preposterous. It would be one thing if he just went down and got tackled for the loss on the play. He ran into his own teammates' rear and then fumbled the ball. The Butt Fumble is the Mount Everest of NFL blooper plays.