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Best and Worst Case Scenarios For The Los Angeles Rams

For the defending champs, things can go really right or really wrong. Not much in between.

Fresh off a Super Bowl Championship, the Rams come into the season as defending champions and have a huge target on their backs. Let's recap. They went 12-5 in 2021, were 1st in the NFC West, and then went all the way. They survived a myriad of injuries and doubts from pundits and peers. They no longer have anything to prove. Does that mean they play complacently? I doubt it. Let's see what they did this off-season.

Offseason Additions

  • Allen Robinson, WR
  • Kyren Williams, RB

Robinson is a terrific addition to a team whose quarterback throws the ball a lot. Robinson has terrific hands and is adept at catching the ball in traffic. This will count for a lot and hopefully reduce the number of picks that Stafford throws. Behind the snap, Cam Akers is back and healthy, and rookie Kyren Williams is looking to balance out the Rams' run game. This will be crucial as the biggest hole in the Rams game last season was the running game. This has not changed. The Rams won the Super Bowl despite their pass-heavy offense and not always because of it. I don't say this to take away from Matthew Stafford. I have been a Stafford fan since his early days in Detroit. A team cannot win back-to-back Super Bowls without adjusting their game.


DL Aaron Donald is back. Linebacker Bobby Wagner, and so is cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Bobby Wagner and Troy Hill also stand out. This defense is top 10 on paper, provided they can put pressure on the quarterback. Their defensive line is impressive, good linebackers, and a "better than decent" secondary.

Best Case Scenario

This is not rocket science. The best case scenario is that this Rams team with big names like Stafford, Donald, Ramsey, and arguably the best WR in Cooper Kupp, go all the way to the Super Bowl and win another one. Nobody has done it since the 2004/05 New England Patriots. This team has the weapons, depth, and coaching staff to do that. If this team gets anything nearing elite from their running backs—it seems plausible.

Worst Case Scenario

Health is the biggest enemy for the Los Angeles Rams. Stafford's elbow health has been the discussion of the day for weeks now. Coach Sean McVay says there are no limitations on Stafford to start the season, so they are rolling the dice. If the Rams were to lose Stafford, this could honestly end their season. Stafford is their rock. The team's success hinges on his health. Key injuries to other big names like Kupp, Donald, or Ramsey could also be killers for this team.


If Stafford is healthy, I am predicting the Rams get back to the Super Bowl. They are well-rounded everywhere except the running game, and I expect that to improve, even if only marginally. If they are able to get anything out of their backs in Akers and Williams, this team could realistically go 14-4 en route to another Vince Lombardi trophy.