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Arte Moreno: First Mexican-American to Own MLB Team May Soon Sell LA Angels

The Los Angeles Angels stated on Tuesday that they may soon be up for sale, which has major ramifications.

When a pioneer puts a major sports franchise up for possible sale it makes some noise.

The Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday announced that they would at least flirt with the idea of selling the franchise.

One of the most proactive owners in MLB, Arte Moreno, may possibly hand off the franchise to another billionaire or interested sports group.

Even the mere mention of the sale has social media in a tizzy, speculating on what this means for players like Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, the latter was part of trade deadline speculation as an extension looms.

Moreno purchased the team back in 2003 for $184 million. The team is now worth $2.2 billion, according to Sports Business Journal.

Tuesday, the team released the following statement:

This doesn’t mean that a sale is a foregone conclusion, but it does beg a lot of questions. And places like Twitter are going to run rampant with thoughts.

Moreno, whether he likes it or not, is a pioneer. When he purchased the team in 2003, he became not just the first Hispanic person to buy a controlling stake in an MLB franchise but was the first minority to do so in the sport.

Moreno was quick to downplay the sentiment at the time, stating, via the New York Times, ''I'm proud of being a Mexican-American, but as far as being a first minority, I think we're all Americans. Most of us are immigrants from someplace, and I think we always try to do our best being an American.''

Since their World Series title in 2002, the Angeles have come close to getting back to the big stage, stringing together promising seasons from 2004-2014, culminating in two ALCS appearances and four ALDS bids.

Since that time the team has struggled through missteps and injuries and have placed higher than third just once (2017).

A fresh outlook from the top and an owner willing to step back and let things unfold might be good for a franchise that certainly has an embarrassment of riches in the talent department.