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Anthony Rendon Goes Deep...Left Handed

Angels slugger Anthony Rendon went yard left-handed and it didn't own the evening of highlights.

Imagine hitting a home run left-handed and being only the second biggest team news that night. Welcome to the 2022 Los Angeles (Anaheim) Angels season, Anthony Rendon. In the 8th inning of a blowout game where the Angels were beating the Tampa Bay Rays 10-0, the Rays put position player Brett Phillips on the mound. Rendon then came to the plate. Here's the thing. Rendon is right-handed. He decided to go to the plate left-handed. Madness ensued.

There's a question that has been burning in my brain since I saw this last night. Do professional MLB players ever even practice batting from the opposite side of the plate? If Rendon practices batting left-handed, it would be a colossal waste of time in terms of practicing his elite skills. I can't imagine Tiger Woods practicing his short game left-handed. Oh, never mind

Not The Biggest News of The Night For the Angels's the thing. A rookie for the Angels, Reid Detmers, did something more significant. 

That's right. In a game where a slugger hit a home run from the wrong side of the plate, rookie Detmers tossed a no-hitter. Incredible. Detmers' no-hitter was the 12th in Angels franchise history. Huge congratulations for Detmers as his name will be forever etched into MLB history now. 

Another Left-Handed Feat By LA Superstar

Rendon's left-handed dinger reminded me of Kobe Bryant. Bryant put up a thousand left-handed layups and runners, but does anyone else think of this left-handed three-pointer to beat the buzzer? Just me? I guess it just goes to show me that these elite athletes are incredible.