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So, There Was Another National Anthem Standoff At an MLB Game

Who is going to blink first in a National Anthem Standoff?

We often forget that baseball is a children's game played by grown adult men. The last part of that sentence may be malleable in this instance. Check out Luke Weaver of the Kansas City Royals and Robbie Ray of the Seattle Mariners.

Ray and Weaver were essentially playing a game of chicken. Insert the "Moneyball" quote about "being romantic about baseball" but replace "romantic" with "childish." I mean that in the best way.

The thing about playing chicken is that there has to be a consequence for not backing down. Was there?

Oh. There was a consequence. Robbie Ray was not the starting pitcher for the Mariners on Sunday, so his ejection was of little baseball consequence. Luke Weaver is having a brutal year and he was also not likely to get used out of the Royals bullpen. It's not like this is the playoffs or anything. A National Anthem standoff has never happened in such an important game. Has it? Oh.

It is a shame (for Dodger fans) that this series went the way it did. That standoff during the playoffs in St. Louis was terrific fun. These types of standoffs happen every once in a while.

Mariners and Royals

The wildest thing about this National Anthem standoff is that that was not the most significant thing to happen during this game. The Mariners won the standoff and proceeded to score 11 runs. In the 6th inning, the score was 11-2 in favor of the standoff-winning Mariners. The standoff turned out to be the last thing they would win. Yikes.

11 runs in one inning? Yikes, Mariners.

Last Thought On Standoff

I really hope two teams do this during the playoffs again. Does MLB want to add more fun? More standoffs.