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Newest Mexican National Team Jersey Beams With Pride and Heritage

Adidas incorporates Mexican culture into new jerseys beautifully, creating culturally rich threads that are sure to become classics.

Mexico got that good, good drip entering the 2022 World Cup.

Adidas fired off another salvo on Saturday with its latest kit for the Mexican Football Federation (FMF). And while it’s hard to top the black and magenta fire from last year, the brand has outdone itself with what is sure to be popular as El Tri carves up defenses.

Football is all about creativity, motion and bringing life to a future moment. The jersey certainly salutes that notion by embracing a major part of ancient Mexican culture. The kit itself is an homage and something of a living manifestation of Quetzacoatl.

The cultural deity writhes and slinks effortlessly to its destination, its ultimate goal of life and creation.

The iconic green is the perfect medium for both the team’s classic color but the verdant nature of a god of creation. The shirt's plume and intricate designs are a hat tip to a deity whose name is a Nahuatl portmanteau of quetzal and coatl, the former a term meaning emerald plumed bird and the latter denotes a serpent.

One person who welcomes the old-school aesthetic is someone with such a passion for this team that he’s started a fan revolution.

“The new kit looks amazing,” Pancho Villa’s Army founder Sergio Tristán told En Fuego. “Finally, we are back to our traditional green skin and I can’t wait to wear it.

I absolutely love how adidas incorporated our culture into the jersey, loving the small details that make the jersey authentic and culturally aware. It’s been too long that Mexico has been without a green kit so I am ready to get one for me and the rest of my family! Viva Mexico!."

Rooting on la Selección Mexicana has always been about more than goals and fixtures. It’s a family right of passage passed down, so it’s fitting that the team don kits that hat tip to the familial aspect of football.

“For this season’s home jersey which will be worn on football’s biggest stage, we wanted to capture the spirit of the nation with a design that is deeply rooted in the culture of Mexico,” James Webb, Senior Product Designer at adidas, explained via press release. “The head and feathered headdress of Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl is displayed with pride on the shirt which features a completely new crest. We hope it will help be a symbol to bring the players and fans together as they meet with their toughest opponents.”

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Adidas took over the jersey after the 2006 World Cup. The company immediately made a splash with a classic green kit stylized with red piping down the midsection.

Since the 2007 Gold Cup, El Tri has been fitted with myriad colorways that featured a vibrant green option for home fixtures.

In something of a departure, fans haven’t had an updated green home kit since 2018’s World Cup with a black and gray fit for the 2019 Gold Cup and a bombastic pink jersey for the 2020-21 season.

Now it’s back to green with a little extra Tapatio in the mix. The top of the jersey has the impression of a plume. The copilli is meant to represent, as adidas explains, "religious and noble power, lending spiritual strength and valor to anyone who wears it.”

In fact, the back’s design is meant to invoke Quetzalcoatl's plumage. So anyone entering the pitch is doing so as “their own god.”

The football kit is far more than a shirt with team colors. It represents tangibly the fanbases connection to the team. 

In the case of Mexico, those roots are remarkably deep. The latest jersey takes that sentiment and paints it with an intricate brushstroke of cultural significance, leaving the rest of us chef kissing onto the next fixture. Bravo. 

The jersey is on sale online starting July 9. It will also be available at adidas stores and authorized retailers.