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Jesse Winker Brawl Leads To A Pizza Delivery And An Amazing Tip

Don't let anyone ever tell you that MLB doesn't have surprises and feel-good stories.

While writing this headline, my first thought was, "anyone who didn't hear about this is going to think I was playing mad libs with the title." How could I blame them? This story is odd but it's one of the most feel-good stories you will read about right now.

First: The Baseball Brawl

On Sunday, the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels had some issues. It started the night before when Mike Trout expressed displeasure at being nearly hit in the head. Sunday afternoon, this happened.

One can't blame Jesse Winker for being upset. He was obviously thrown at deliberately. The brawl may not look like much, but there were a lot of players being pushed, shoved, and thrown to the ground. Winker was ejected. Winker's final finger to the crown (literally) is not something we can defend. You don't flip off the crowd even in a moment of anger. Winker was quick to apologize after the game for his gesture.

"The only thing I'm gonna apologize for is flipping the fans off. That's it. They pay their hard-earned money to come and see a game, and they didn't deserve that, so I apologize to the fans, especially the women and children."

This isn't a lifeboat on the Titanic. The apology to everyone involved was fine without adding that last bit, but we can forgive Winker.

The Better Part of The Story

Not long after the game, a fan on Twitter decided that Winker needed a pick-me-up. A Twitter user named Sofie Dill decided to send Winker a pizza through Door Dash. Dill figured Winker would be spending a lonely afternoon in the visitor's clubhouse so they decided to have a pizza sent to him. The tweets here describe the harrowing story. It's not just the tension over whether the pizza would arrive at the right place (an MLB stadium is big after all, and it's not easy just to send a pizza to an individual player in a clubhouse) but also whether Winker would understand where it was coming from and why. Not all athletes are social media users. Read the tweet thread below.

The story then became whether the delivery driver, whose name is Simranjeet Singh, would be able to make this delivery. According to The Athletic, Singh was understandably dubious about whether he would be able to make this delivery. He was able to speak with security guards who were willing to make the delivery. Dill was also blown away that this delivery succeeded. Dill was informed by Winker himself that he indeed receive the pizza and that it was a tasty gift.

This is the part of the story where Dill should be commended as the hero. This attention on social media would be enough to go to anyone's head, but Dill decided to pay it forward instead of hogging more attention. Dill and Singh exchanged contact information. Dill explained to Singh that "a lot" of Mariners fans wanted to chip in for extra tip money for Singh. Per The Athletic, Singh figured it was 5-10 people. Singh set up a Venmo account and Dill shared the details on Twitter. Donations started coming in droves.

By Sunday night, Singh’s inbox was inundated. Singh estimated between 300 and 400 people had donated. Singh was touched.

“I just got home, and I still can’t explain what happened to me the last five hours,” he said. “I’m still in my dreams right now. This is a life-changing delivery for me right now. I’m really thankful to Sofie. In the last five hours, she did so, so, so much for me. Thank you to each and every person who tipped me. I don’t even know you. But you helped me a lot, a lot, a lot.”

Last Thoughts

It was a tremendous gesture from Dill to pay this forward for Singh. There is nobody in 2022 who isn't grinding or suffering from an expensive economy. Everyone is just desperately trying to make ends meet. Between everything being more expensive, especially gasoline, which Singh uses a lot as a delivery driver, this story is a terrific feel-good story after a week of stories that left many feeling very bad.

Here comes the "Moneyball" quote. As Billy Beane's character said...

"How can you not be romantic about baseball?"