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A Beer in Qatar's Best Sports Bar Will Cost You A Ridiculous Amount

This is one of the strangest and most controversial World Cups of all time.

The World Cup is getting closer and closer, and little by little we are getting to know the reality in Qatar during the great soccer event. Alcohol and sports always go together for fans, who usually have a drink while enjoying their favorite sports.

Beer is considered the ideal alcoholic beverage for sports fans, who relax with a cold one while watching the games. Unfortunately, this will not be an easy thing to do in Qatar.

The Arab country is highly religious, and the ingestion of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in most places. While it will be possible to have a drink in certain spots, fans should be prepared to spend significant amounts of money for a simple bottle of beer.

According to iNews, the Marriott Hotel's Champions Sports Bar will be charging $56 just to enter and enjoy three drinks, between Budweiser, Corona, or a glass of house wine. The situation will get worse when the knockout phase begins, as the price will increase to $93.6, while for the semifinal and final, the cost will be a ridiculous $281 (93.6$ for each drink).

You may be wondering where these high prices are coming from. Well, it's all thanks to a "sin tax" set by the Qatari government, which has driven up all costs for so-called "health-damaging goods."

The World Cup has not even started, and there have already been strong complaints about many aspects related to the place, starting with the fact that the Fan Camp consists of a few simple shipping containers in the middle of the desert. Undoubtedly, this is one of the strangest and most controversial World Cups of all time.