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5 Things More Oblivious Than Gary Sanchez

Twins catcher Gary Sanchez sure seems pretty oblivious.

The Minnesota Twins are tied with the Cleveland Guardians for the American League Central division lead. Neither team has a good enough record to sit atop the top of the Wild Card standings, so both teams are naturally trying to win their division instead of floundering for a Wild Card spot.

Naturally, the Twins would love it if their starting catcher Gary Sanchez, would not walk in front of his teammates in the on-deck circle.

Why would Sanchez walk in front of Gilberto Celestino while he is in the on-deck circle? I cannot for the life of me fathom how oblivious of a decision this is. This is baseball 101. Do not walk in front of somebody swinging a bat is honestly more common sense than a baseball lesson. It made me think of things that are more oblivious than Sanchez here. There aren't many.

1. Kids Walking In Front Of A Swing.

That is so brutal. Hope that little girl is okay. Never let your kids walk in front of other kids on the swings. One of the worst things you can do.

2. JR Smith In A Big Game

It inspired one of the best memes ever. Poor Smith.

Hennything is possible, kids.

3. Georgia Basketball Team

Remember this moment? How do you let a guy not on your team into your huddle? He's not even wearing the same colors!

4. Javale McGee Running Back on Defense

There are (sadly) a lot of early Javale McGee clips I could have used, but him running back on defense when his team still has the ball is a straight-up comedy.

5. Milton Bradley When There's Only One Out

One out with runners on first and third. Milton Bradley fields a fly ball thinking there are two outs and throws the ball into the stands. Let's be real. This is one of the least egregious things Bradley ever did on or off the field. This is a guy who broke his leg while arguing with an umpire. One of the hottest "hot heads" ever to play Major League Baseball, Bradley rarely spent much more than a season with any team because of his issues. Do you want to talk oblivious? This guy was oblivious. He was allegedly a monster off the field, as well.

Last Thoughts

What is the most oblivious moment you can remember seeing? It can be from sports or a reality TV show (I won't get the reference but I would love to hear about it) if you want. Let us know on Twitter at @EnFuegoNow or @AJontheguitar. I am curious.