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4 Reasons Canelo Cruises to Victory

The Mexican has everything to beat Golovkin in Saturday's trilogy.

This Saturday, Canelo Alvarez has the opportunity to prove that he is the fair and definitive winner in his rivalry with Gennady Golovkin, when the long-awaited trilogy comes to an end.

At the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, two of the most decorated boxers of recent years will face off, and more than a victory at stake is the legacy of ending up the ultimate victor. Jesse Rodriguez and Israel Gonzalez will fight for the WBC super flyweight title in the co-main event.

The Mexican superstar is expected to defeat Golovkin once again, as he did in 2018. In this post, we analyze the reasons why "Canelo" will overpower his opponent next Saturday.


The Jalisco native is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Dmitry Bivol in a fight where he was dominated in May of this year.

Bivol exposed all of "Canelo's" weaknesses, pushing him back and pressuring him from the start. The Mexican cannot afford to lose a second fight in a row, something he has never experienced in his career.

The Mexican's only two defeats have been to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2013 and the most recent loss to Bivol. "Canelo" is under pressure to win, knowing that his image and status as a current star could be damaged by another setback.

Prime Canelo vs. 40-year-old Golovkin

If Golovkin couldn't beat the Mexican five years ago, it's hard for him to do it now when he's in his 40s. Age takes its toll on everyone in this life, and in combat sports it is felt even more.

"Canelo", at 32 years old, is in prime physical condition to defeat any opponent, and he will surely be better than Golovkin.

Yes, GGG is a gifted natural who can still box at a high level despite his age, but in his 40s his jaw doesn't have the same stamina and his legs can start to give out if the fight goes past the 5th round.

Speed Combos

Once inside the pocket, "Canelo" is a machine that attacks with speed and power from every possible angle.

If the Mexican manages to stay on top of his opponent, leaving him no room to maneuver, it will be a one-way fight.

Canelo's intention will be to work early, looking for a KO while pressuring a still cold Golovkin, who will slowly try to warm up.

The Mexican superstar must not only win, he must do it in a convincing way, and with a KO he will achieve his mission, although it won't be easy.

Weight Class

While Golovkin has competed most of his career at 160 pounds, "Canelo" is the undisputed champion at 168 pounds, where the fight will take place.

Their first two outings took place at the 160-pound limit, yet GGG was unable to defeat Canelo, imagine now, when the Mexican is on his home turf.

Canelo will be big and strong on the day of the fight, weighing around 180 pounds, and it will be difficult for Golovkin to surprise in the weight class where the Mexican now feels more comfortable.