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For These Two Latinos, Sports is a Creative Process

The En Fuego Podcast: Alberto Hernández and Will Navarro are creating a better sports world.

Sometimes it takes weeks to create something special. Sometimes it’s the work of a single snapshot.

Will Navarro is a sports photographer who brings moments to life with his keen vision and instincts. He has a wonderful way of telling a story from a single frame of film.

Alberto Hernández is a hat maker. Someone who is dedicated to making each and every piece by hand. They both join the En Fuego Podcast this week to discuss two different methods of creating something people end up cherishing for a lifetime.

Hernández is a hatmaker, sure. But he is also a friend and confidante to his clients, someone who considers it important to imbue each piece with a personal touch.

It’s just one of the reasons he is now one of the more renowned hatmakers in the world, with clients named Cam Newton, LeBron James and Pharrell.

He sits down to talk about his journey from Guanajuato, Mexico, to Venice. He started from very little and now owns and operates a beloved brand, Meshika. It’s a business that is geared not only to the high profile but the clients you don’t read about, the ones who don’t get to rock a sweet hat at a press conference.

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“I created Meshika for the people because I still want to interact with every single client that comes in,” Hernández said.

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He is now working hard on creating a line of hats that is both affordable and sustainable. In that way, Hernández continues to work tirelessly not just to further his own craft but bring the brand to the global community.

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With that comes a great deal more representation for a company that is shaping culture and fashion in magnificent ways.

In another area of Los Angeles, a young man is creating things not with his hands but with his view of the world.

Will Navarro is a sports photographer who has captured the likes of Kobe Bryant and is currently working on the sidelines for the Los Angeles Rams.

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Navarro is a grinder who puts in the effort to learn every last nuance of his craft. He understands that to get to where he wants to go he has to put in the hours.

“You have to put the work in, just like anything,” Navarro said. “Just like any type of work you have. If you have a camera, learn your camera. Photography is about light and subjects, understand the lighting, understand your subjects. Learn about the technology, learn about not having technology. Learn it both ways.”

These are the kinds of stories you can expect from the En Fuego Podcast. The show is a spotlight for those individuals who give so much to the sports landscape and don’t often get the recognition.

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