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Young Dylan's Interview with Deebo Samuel Was the Best Part of Wild Card Weekend

The Nickelodeon Wild Card simulcast returned, and Young Dylan stole the show.

In a perfect world, every sport would have Young Dylan on the sidelines.

The 12-year-old rapper was one part of the frivolity presented to viewers who tuned into the Cowboys and 49ers on Nickelodeon’s Wild Card simulcast.

Amid abominable slime men and Ninja Turtles was some actual football talk. And it was fresh, enthusiastic, and infectious.

One reason for that was Young Dylan, who chopped it up with San Francisco superhero Deebo Samuel who had 100 total yards and a touchdown en route to a 23-17 Niners win.

Normally it’s time to turn the channel the minute the game concludes. But post-game interviews get all the more exuberant with Young Dylan on the mic.

He gets Samuel to talk about being a versatile weapon in the 49ers offense and what it was like to nearly get the game-winning drive with a late first down.

It was a rare moment when you actually wanted the post-game interview to go on a little longer.

MLB and NBA broadcast partners, you have seen the future.