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Mike Tyson Involved In Airplane Altercation

"Iron Mike" Tyson was seen being harassed on an airplane and predictably things went poorly.

In his prime, there was nobody more electric than Mike Tyson. He had such a devastatingly quick hook. Most people can see in their minds the eyes of his opponent crossing after taking an instant KO to the head or ribs in the early days of Tyson's career. In case you need a refresher, this is one of my favorite compilations of Tyson's fury.

Man Messes Around And Finds Out

The former heavyweight champion of the world got himself into an altercation on Wednesday. According to TMZ, this flight happened in the late hours of Wednesday night on a flight from San Francisco to Florida. Given Tyson's unfortunate history, it would be easy for the masses to make comments about Tyson's mental imbalance. TMZ and other videos that have been found on social media paint a different picture, however. It appears an inebriated passenger was mercilessly taunting or pestering Tyson throughout the flight. Only after repeated harassment did Tyson act. 

Should Tyson have started beating this guy? I can't say definitively, but the answer is probably not. The problem is, when are people allowed to defend themselves when they're being harassed?

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I'm going to say something that you can see on the average social media post but is true. Whether it be the drastic shift in our political climate and the things people are allowed to say or the world post-2020, the general population seems to have suspended their belief that they can get punched in the face for offenses against their fellow man. 

This can be said about any situation, but much less when harassing someone with fists as powerful as Mike Tyson. As the prophet Tyson himself once said, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."