A woman holding a cardboard sign caused a massive crash at the Tour de France, causing riders to voice their outrage over the lack of safety protocols.

French police arrested her a day after she caused the pileup, but Tour de France officials decided to drop the charges against her.

"We are withdrawing our complaint. This story has been blown out of proportion, but we wish to remind everyone of the safety rules on the race," said Tour director Christian Prudhomme, via Yahoo Sports.

"If you come to the Tour, you hold your kid, you hold your pet, and don't cross the road carelessly. And above all, you respect the riders—they're the ones worthy of live TV."

Despite their decision, she could still face lawsuits from other outlets, whether it be from individual riders or by the state.

Tour de France riders stopped in protest for one minute during the fourth stage of the crash.

All they're asking for are safer riding conditions.