Terry Bradshaw Used 'Tom Brady' As An Alias 38 Years Ago and This World is Officially a Simulation

A recently resurfaced report about a Terry Bradshaw surgery has a crazy Tom Brady alias coincidence.

Sometimes a cat walks by you a couple of times and you’re convinced that this is all a simulation. One more piece of evidence that this world isn’t what it seems is the fact that Terry Bradshaw once used a pseudonym Tom Brady, nearly four decades before the NFL great Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl.

The Twittersphere dug up some goodness to kick off Wednesday when Quirky Research posted a long-forgotten news item about then Pittsburgh Steelers star quarterback Terry Bradshaw undergoing “arm surgery.”

As stated in this report, the four-time Super Bowl winner had a procedure to alleviate several muscle tears in his throwing arm elbow.

His ability to do so privately, even back in 1983, was nearly impossible. So Bradshaw naturally checked in under a false name, just like you’ve seen play out time and again in movies and TV shows.

But in the realm of too coincidental to be real, Bradshaw’s fictitious name was Thomas Brady. It led to a headline that 38 years later would still raise some eyebrows: “Steelers’ ‘Tom Brady’ Undergoes Arm Surgery.”

The football world is certainly having fun with the discovery.

As it turns out, this minor surgery was just one of the signs that signaled the end of a legendary career.

While Bradshaw left the procedure to “film a commercial and (serve) as grand marshall for the CocaCola 500 stock car race,” he would later that fall play in just one game—a Week 15 victory over the Jets in which he completed five passes on eight attempts. Shortly after he would retire. 

Now I’m not superstitious, but we should be monitoring any aliases our version of Tom Brady has been using through the years and draft them accordingly.