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Tiger Woods Is Already Adding to His Masters Highlight Reel

A still-recovering Tiger Woods dropped an amazing shot on the sixth hole during the opening round of the Masters at Augusta.

Rocking an azalea shirt that melts beautifully into the pomp of the event, Tiger Woods returned to Augusta for the 2022 Masters and was looking absolutely stunning.

If joy drips from the page it’s only because seeing Woods walk these greens evokes the perfect balance of nostalgia and normalcy.

Woods showed flashes of his old self, especially around the green where his short game shines. Of course, after his extensive injuries, hitting from the tee has been a shaky enterprise, but then came No. 6.

Woods drops an absolute dart on the green just feet from the hole. Fans in the gallery cheered and fans at home in their most comfortable work pajamas did the same.

Now to say that he's going to dominate the proceedings is premature. After putting together a stirring first few rounds, he ran into some issues on eight, leaving a pitch short of the green and missing a subsequent put for his first bogey of the tournament.

Teeing off on nine, he drew his shot deep into the tree area and has a tough recovery back to the green.

He is showing a bit of a limp when backing up and may indeed be tiring after already enjoying a week of golf in his warm-up for the heralded tournament.

His 2021 car crash left him with extensive fractures and a long road to recovery. That he is even back playing at this event is something of a minor miracle.

Adding to it any highlight he can is the proverbial icing on this delicious cake.