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Video Evidence Surfaces That Tiger Woods and Charlie Are The Same Person

A delightful video shows the remarkable similarities shared between legend Tiger Woods and his son Charlie.

It’s that special time of year dedicated to mirth and merriment. There is currently nothing merrier or mirthier than watching golf’s greatest one-two punch emulate one another.

If you haven’t seen it by now, there is a delightful video making the rounds that features Tiger Woods and son Charlie going about their daily life.

Life for them means meandering around the golf course and generally being superhuman. It also means certain mannerisms that have been caught on camera and overlapped.

Like father, like son. Indeed.

If you like that, you’re going to love dear dad taking a look at the video and reacting.

Team Woods was in full force this past weekend at the PNC Championship. It was more than an opportunity to see the duo on the course. It also represented the first time we got to see Tiger compete since his car accident 10 months prior.

In the end, Team Woods came up short, losing to John Daly and son John II. But the result was still something to celebrate.

“What a blast it was,” Tiger Woods said, via the New York Times. “We just had a blast all day.”