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The Rock's Daughter Introduces World to Ava Raine

Simone Johnson dropped a People's Elbow level of news when she announced her WWE name.

Simone Johnson is one step closer to her debut now that she's dropped her human form and embraced her WWE ring name: Ava Raine. 

It rolls off the tongue nicely. And you can see sometime in the distant future her walking down to a chorus of cheers or jeers to a more simplified and iconic Raine. 

But that is getting ahead of ourselves. This is how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's daughter announced her moniker to the world. 

Her handle was switched to @AvaRaineWWE. And with that, the woman who has been training at the WWE Performance Center is that much closer to the ring. 

Wrestling fans, being sensible, had thoughts. 

I for one eagerly await the newest persona from a family legacy as rich as any in wrestling history. 

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