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The LA Rams Are Already Dominating the NFL Draft

According to a hilarious draft hype video, the rest of the NFL should just stay home from the draft.

The NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday. Before then, however, the Rams were running the show.

The defending Super Bowl champions also happen to dabble in Hollywood productions as evidenced by the following tour de force.

The Rams aren’t exactly set up to dominate the actual draft. After being slated with all of three picks, subsequent transactions have gifted the organization with five more compensatory picks.

With eight picks from the third round on, Sean McVay’s squad can certainly find value, but it’s a bit much to say they are coming away from the weekend as the ultimate victors.

But then again, sure. Why not?

If some of the Rams staff look different in the above video, it’s because they've been recast with their Hollywood counterparts.

Mustachioed owner Stan Kroenke is played here by Dennis Quaid. General manager Les Snead, someone not exactly worried about this draft guff, if played by Josh Holloway, which you might know as the bad boy in “Lost.”

Others include Scott Eastwood as McVay and Tyrese Gibson taking on the role of Raheem Morris.

NFL easter eggs abound as the likes of Aaron Donald, Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp and more make cameos.

Not every team has a draft hype video. Largely because there is no need for them. Like, at all. But I’m sure glad the Rams thought otherwise.