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The greatest trick Javy Baez ever pulled was convincing the world he was an easy out.

The Chicago Cubs star was featured in perhaps the greatest blunder or most phenomenal use of sleight of foot ever seen on a baseball field.

I’m undecided.

Let’s break things down just a bit here.

It’s the top of the third in a day game from Pittsburgh. Baez is at the plate with two outs and a runner on second.

Baez smacks it to Erik Gonzalez, which sets up a Rube Goldberg series of events. El Mago runs up to first, putting in place the kind of set-up of which only the great magicians are capable. 

Willson Contreras, who really should have been trotting on his way to the dugout after a quick out at first, is now in play because Baez somehow snake charmed first baseman Will Craig into thinking that the best way to get the shortstop out was not to step on the bag but to jog lazily down the baseline towards home.

In the history of the greatest brain farts in sports, Craig’s may very well be one of the most flatulent. At least top 15.